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Class Information

Beginning Dirtbike School: Levels I and II

This class is taught in a "no pressure", controlled environment. It is a hands-on course with an emphasis on skill development. The school begins with the basics: proper fitting of safety equipment, sitting on the bike, learning how to operate the controls and straight line riding with correct form.

We offer lots of patience and as much one on one coaching as permits. As you progress in your skill level, new lessons are introduced allowing you to understand just what it takes to handle turns, sharp turns, figure eights and riding while standing up -- all this and more! Class time: 6 hours. Bike & gear rental available.

Intermediate Dirtbike School: Levels III and IV

This class is for more experienced riders or those that have completed Levels I and II. It is designed for people who know how to ride and want to become a better rider. In this class you will increase your skill level in the following areas: throttle and clutch control; turning (sharp, flat, berms and off camber); standing, balance, traversing hills, and riding over obstacles. New skills learned include: wheel hopping (short wheeling), brake sliding and trail riding. Class time: 6 hours You supply your own bike and gear.

Motocross School: Novice and Intermediate

Whether you desire to race for the first time or you need help finishing in the top of the pack, we provide the skills necessary to help you enhance your skills and learn new technique get to the next level. Exercises include: body positioning, starts, acceleration, cornering, berms, braking, jumps, ruts, and whoops. These classes are limited to five students to provide more one on one instruction. Previous riding experience required. You supply your own motorcycle and gear. How bad do you want to win? Class time: 6 hours

"Back In The Day" Classes:

In this class we will get you up to speed with modern skills needed for today's bikes. Whether you are trail riding , hitting "the big double" or shaking off the cobwebs, let us help you break your bad habits so you can enjoy your "comeback" with more control. Class time: 6 hours. (Medical staff on stand-by). You supply your own bike and gear

Female Classes: Dirtbike and Motocross

The females want to ride too. Well ladies, now is your chance. We can provide a testosterone free environment to learn the skills necessary to show the boys how it's done. Husbands and boyfriends aren't the best teachers to learn from. They mean well, but it's time to learn how to do it right. All classes are catered to your needs as a rider. Class time 6 hours

ATV School

This class is FREE of CHARGE for those who have purchased their ATVs new from a dealership. Owners may be eligible to receive an incentive of up to $100. Get paid to ride! Loaner ATV's are available free of charge, so family members can take the class on the same day. Try it before you buy program available. Call 800-887-2887 toll free or to enroll in a class or call 704-535-9908 for details about the next available class. Family classes are available.


Dirtbike School: Level I & II
$165.00 per student.
Bike and gear rental additional $30.00 per student.

Family Classes: Level I & II
$600.00 per family (4 students max.)
Each additional student is $150.00
Bike and gear rental additional $30.00 per student.

Dirtbike School: Level III & IV (advanced)
$165.00 per student.
Your bike and gear.

Motocross School: Novice and Intermediate (prior riding experience required)
$165.00 per person.
Your bike and gear.

ATV School: This class is Free, if you purchased a new ATV.
Call 800-887-2887 or for details.

Private lessons: Available for all class types. $275-350.00 Call for details.
Travel to your track is also available. Call for details.

Additional services offered:
Track design (your location), Land owner provides all permits necessary.Fees apply.
Motorcycle recommendations. We can help you find the right bike for your budget and skill level.
Gear recommendations. Finding the right protective gear within your budget is key to riding safe.

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per student is due within 10 days of scheduling a class. Balance is due in cash day of class. No exceptions.
If deposit is not received within 10 days your spot will be offered to the person(s) waiting. Please call 704-535-9908 to schedule a class date or ask questions.

Dates, Times and Locations

Call 704-535-9908 to reserve your space in a class. Dirtbike and Motocross classes start at 10:00am.

Dirtbike and Motocross classes start at 10:00am.

ATV classes start at 8:00am and 1:00pm.

Locations may vary.

Travel to your track is available. Private classes are available. Call for details.

Most are held at TNT Motorsports Park in Chester, S.C. Located just off I-77 at exit 55.

Travel to your track is available. Private classes are available. Call for details.

C.O.R.E. can provide a motorcycle and gear if you do not have any. (First come, first serve) Call for details and model availability. Classes are grouped by age and experience. Groups are; 6-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs, 12-15 yrs and 16-up. We also offer family classes. Which means your whole family can enjoy the fun of learning ride off-road together. Call for details.

If you have any questions, please Call 704-535-9908 or send me an e-mail at